Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch Review

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My husband just had his birthday, and what better way to surprise him than with a Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch? Of course, I wasn’t going to get a new high- end and untouched model since those can cost tens and tens of thousands of dollars. We don’t usually splurge on expensive items, so I had to think of something, I had to think out of the box. Of course, everyone knows that the best watches are made in Switzerland and that Rolex is a leading and best-selling brand, but I tried giving my birthday present a little twist.

What I Bought

My husband has always had a thing for bright blue, gray, or black watches, so I knew that I had to find something in this color scheme. He never really cared about it being expensive, high-end, or not, so I had a lot of free space and room for ideas. A good friend of ours recommended me this site where they had a lot of great replicas. I gave it a go since I had no idea where to start, all I knew was that I needed a blue watch. This Rolex Yacht really grabbed my attention so I just had to purchase it. It looked pretty (which was good enough for me in order to proceed with the purchase).

Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch

Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch

Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch Specifications

Before the watch came in I did my in-depth research and my investigation part, just so I knew what to expect. I found a lot about this model in particular, such as that it was called a sailors’ watch which was introduced back in 1992. I felt like my husband was going to appreciate a good old timer, so this automatically made me happy. Also, the watch was made out of stainless steel and platinum. It featured a 40-mm diameter Oyster case and had a bezel that could rotate in both directions. Apperantelly, the watch could glow in the dark with a luminescent material called Chromalight. This is the best part about it since I love shiny and glow in the dark items! Last but not least, it was water-resistant all the way up to 100 meters.

Purchase Arrived

It came really fast to our house so I made sure to hide it from him and not ruin his surprise. Overall, it looked really nice since it came in a matching box (blue & silver) and it looked like a present already, which was great since I didn’t need to do any additional wrapping. I’ve played with it for the following day before proceeding with the surprise party.

What I’ve Found Out

Most importantly, it didn’t look fake. The watch had all of the previously mentioned specifications, and I couldn’t tell that it was a replica. For me, the Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum Blue Face had 0 flaws! It did glow in the dark, and it was the most beautiful color combo in my opinion. I also love the fact that the Rolex part was written at the center, and that there was a little pop of red (since this was my favorite color). The watch felt pretty heavy and was big once put on my smallish women wrist, so I assumed that it would suit him a lot better.


Now, what I had no clue that I was getting was a warranty. I thought that my watch was not worthy of a warranty, but I guess I was wrong. The also gave me a warranty, as well as a possibility of a great online service 7 days in a week, whenever something comes up. This is great news since if anything ever happens to his birthday present he can deal with it straight over there, and we won’t have to go to other stores.

Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch

Rolex Yacht Master Platinum Blue Face Replica Watch


It was his birthday two nights ago and I am more than happy with how it all went down. After giving him his Rolex he immediately became speechless and just looked at me without having much to say. He was convinced that it was an original watch since a lot of his friends have, supposedly, real Rolexes. Once I showed him the receipt he was more than thrilled since he does not believe that any watch is worth that sum of money. He tried it on and it was perfect on him, color and size wise! It did still glow in the dark, and it was ticking in class! Since he ended up liking it as much as he did I might purchase one for myself, they really do seem like a lot of fun and are of high quality. Overall, the Kronos website was a positive and successful discovery for me, glad I can share it with others!


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