A Rolex, A story-Steve Guerdat

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Steve Guerdat, the Swiss Show Jumping champion, has sat on horseback before learning to walk and has later become the world’s top show jumping jockey. Steve Guerdat’s success comes from his enthusiasm for equestrian activities and his love for horses. He was ranked third in the world in 2012, and won the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHI Geneva in 2013, and his Rolex Cosmometer Daytona Watch was a testament to his connection with horses and his remarkable achievements.

Steve Guerdat

Steve Guerdat

I’ve always had a clear goal, and I want to be in the company of horse and even sat on horseback before I learned to walk.

The link between a jockey and a horse is like a love story, which cannot be established overnight, but rather an accumulation over a long period, and a gradual understanding of what horses perceive. By trusting each other, the jockey can build a harmonious relationship with the horse.

Steve Guerdat

Steve Guerdat

I have always been very clear about my goal: I want to be in the company of horse and even sat on horseback before I learned to walk. I felt free and comfortable when I rode and harnessed horses, and the whole space seemed to belong to me and the horse alone, and I longed for this feeling. The show jumping game is not just a sport, but a life attitude. You must put your heart into it and fight alongside the horse. Getting along with the horses has benefited me a lot and allowed me to learn the true meaning of life, letting me understand that achievement is only secondary.

“My Rolex Daytona wrist watch reminds me of all this.

I was wearing this watch when I won the CHI Geneva for the first time in 2013, the game meant a lot to me, I will never forget it.”

When I was 16 years old, I for the first time attended the CHI Geneva, since then, I fell in love with the equestrian festival atmosphere and the boisterous crowd, they cheered for me, which is undoubtedly the most enjoyable thing for me, I will attend in this game every year to show my best. I have always loved playing in Switzerland, because the audience is the soul of the Game, when entering into the arena, the audience’s applause and cheers to make me feel excited! My Rolex Daytona wrist watch reminds me of all this. I was wearing this watch when I won the CHI Geneva for the first time in 2013, the game meant a lot to me, I will never forget it. I often wear this watch by day and night, and I am inseparable from it. The watch has not only witnessed many pleasant moments with me, but also shared many personal memories with me. Today, as I look at my watch, I realize that it is an inseparable part of me.


Steve Guerdat

Steve Guerdat

The famous movie star Paul Newman is a well-known Rolex fans, from 1972 until the death of him in 2008, he often appears on camera wearing Rolex Daytona .When Newman started his racing career in 1972, the gift his wife Joanne Woodward gave him was his first Rolex Daytona, Ref.6263 Black face/White sub watch plate (standard face, not the type of exotic). In That same year, he was photographed wearing 6241 exotic white face/black sub-watch plate—very famous photos published in the album of “Paul Newman-Les images d ‘ une vie” sponsored by Rolex. Over the years, Newman’s favorite was the leather-strap Daytona, this is the wrist watch style he liked the most.
Newman is a big fan of Rolex, over the years, those exotic-face Daytonas are called “Paul Newman Daytona”. Paul Newman Daytona must be Ref.6239,6241,6262,6263,6264 or 6265, and must be Rolex original type. Today, Newman Daytona is the most popular among the Rolex collectors. Christie’s sold a rare Rolex Daytona Ref 6263 steel model in 2013 at a unique ground-breaking Rolex auction in Geneva. It was manufactured in 1969, and sold at an auction price of 989,000 Swiss francs (about 1089186 US dollars). The watch was left out for years in the shop window corner of a Swiss retailer until it was sold in 1978.




Steve Guerdat

Steve Guerdat

1988 is a year of breakthrough, in which Rolex unveiled a new oyster-perpetual type cosmograph Daytona, Ref.16500 series. The new chronograph has three versions: Steel (Ref.16520), Gold/Steel bi-color (Ref.16523) and Gold (Ref.16528). The innovation of the new model is that the diameter of the case increases from 37 mm to 40 mm, and the organic glass is replaced with sapphire crystal. The watch face is white or black in color, inlaid with metal hour mark, painted with luminous material, the sub-face has a contrast-color scale ring. All the buttons on the Daytona now are screw-in type.

Steve Guerdat’s Watch-Ref.16520,Black and White Watch Face

The most important change of 16520 is the new movement, its base movement is the famous Zenith El Primero 400 automatic movement, which was considered the best automatic self-clocking movement on the market. Rolex has done a lot of optimizations to the new movement to achieve Daytona specifications, and improve the reliability, while reducing the need for maintenance: vibration frequency is reduced from 36,000vph to 28,800vph, the date function is removed, a new balance escapement system is added in. The final product is the Cal.4030, which is Rolex’s first automatic chronograph movement.


The success of the Rolex cosmograph Daytona 16520 is an exception. Due to the limited supply of Zenith movements, the production is restrained, but the demand is very strong, so New Daytona 16520 quickly became worshipped by the buyers in the market. Its success also affected the price of old Daytona watches at the auction house. In 1991, Rolex produced 10 limited editions of gold Ref.16528, with a blue dazzling textured face and a maximum unit of 400u/h for the speedometer, this edition is often called Chairman Daytona, since this is a special gift produced by Rolex for its Board members.

In general, Daytona is a type that is high-end, magnificent and classy, and it costs much money, which frustrates many fans, I recommend you to buy it at, where there are many replica Rolex with good quality, I share it with you. You may have a try, anyhow, the sales can be returned.

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